The Adventures of Ubloa 1: The Spirit of the Great Fever

Rosa Pardina

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Ubloa is a 7 year old girl who lives on the island of Koutaki with her people, the Machakis. Beings so tiny that the human eye can’t even see them attack her village, and these Invisible Warriors cause serious illness. In the end, Ubloa will learn how to beat them thanks to the Spirit of the Great Fever, a remedy which is called vaccine in the City of Science. This is the first in a collection of books entitled “The Adventures of Ubloa”, first conceived by the author in 1997. Games have also been added, together with QR codes that take you to the audio version of the book.

Más información:

Author: Rosa Pardina.

Illustration: Bernat Serrat (adaptations by Jimena Zurieta).

Voice (ES): Ana Duato.

Voice (CAT): Esther Nubiola.

Voice (EN): Nigel Planer.

Extras: Audio-narration, games.

Núm. de páginas:
Año de edición:
240 x 225 x 7mm

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